solomillo atun a la brasa ancla medano


Our Menu

Without a doubt we have elaborated a bet for all those who are lovers of gastronomy, where the quality and freshness of the product is valued mainly, as well as the elaboration and creativity. We wanted to specialize in seasonal blue fish, but we also have a base of traditional dishes adapted to our way of doing things. To everyone’s taste, we propose a dynamic and fun offer with the premise of proximity, freshness and fusion haute cuisine, without forgetting our traditional roots.

Tasting menu

Are you one of those who likes to try everything? Or do you want to surprise someone with a special evening?

Discover our tasting menu, it will leave you speechless. Highly valued by our customers.

You can request it directly at the restaurant or reserve it by phone. If you want it as a gift, call our restaurant and our staff will help you.

Chef´s Suggestions

solomillo atun a la brasa ancla medano

Solomillo de atún a la brasa

  • con salsa bearnesa y berenjena asada

sugerencia el ancla medano3

Fresas, chocolate y Pimienta Rosa

  • Un sabor atrevido

sugerencia el ancla medano

Chocolate volcánico

  • Chocolates
  • esponjoso
  • jugoso

ceviche el ancla medano

Peto en crudo y aguacate

  • aliñado con guindilla
  • lima y cilantro